Software For Building Managers

Our scalable solution manages properties from residential complexes to large commercial buildings with ease, offering real-time data for strategic decision

Transform your Building's operations ecosystem

Where convenience meets efficiency. Finally, a system creating connection between teams, vendor, and tenants.

Manage Tenant Experience

Manage Vendor Services

Tenant and Vendor connection

Elevate tenant experiences and optimize building maintenance

Our features are created with your day-to-day operations in mind!

This is uSource . Your business, operationalized .

From Our Customers

uSource seamlessly integrates all aspects of our business management, providing real-time insights that enhance efficiency and reduce stress as we grow

uSource has allowed us to replace manual entry, excel and paper to run our operations. We’ve been much more efficient and saved ourselves money

uSource was able to lower our software costs and improve our structure. Not to mention saving my my payroll team time in editing timesheets with the auto clock out feature.

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Tenant Portal

Provides a quick and secure way to communicate with your tenants, centralize service requests, issue reporting, and document share points.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Progress Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • One source of communication

Support Tickets

Provides a quick and easy way to stay on top of your operations, create tickets to report an issue, or to summit a service request. Track the progress of the created tickets real-time.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Ticket Action
  • Real Time View
  • Monitor Status

Quality Control

Create checklists, perform inspections, and submit reports conveniently from your phone or tablet.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Customize Inspectionsatus


Centralize communications all in one platform, connect between teams, clients, and contractors.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration
  • All-in-One Work Management
  • Global Documentation

Global Documentation

Handle your complete document life cycle by establishing a content library that is accessible to your organization. Assign specific access permissions for relevant teams and external parties.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Assign Access By Role
  • Bolster Security
  • Easy Filtering

Reporting & Dashboard

Assist your organization in making well-informed maintenance decisions by having the appropriate reports ready.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Reduce Inspection Times
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Control Cost