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Web Manager


Per Web Manager

This is for anyone with a leadership role in the company, that access to all uSource features!

What’s included:

Sales CRM


Per CRM User

Access to Sales CRM- Lead/Opportunity Management, Sales Dashboards, Close Rates, Funnels, and more.

What’s included:

Field Lead


Per Field Leader

This is for your field leaders that oversees people, buildings and jobs but are mainly on the move.

What’s included:

Time & Attendance


Per User

This is for your front line workers to see their schedule, locations, and the capability to clock-in & clock out ONLY. 

What’s included:

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to book a demo call and one of our experts will answer any questions you have.

  1. Time allocation as a leader is a great indicator, if 50% of your time is spent data consolidating, chasing information or answering questions then you need a platform.

  2. Looking to grow and run off excel sheets, paper, and not having the technologies for your department.

Onboarding is customized to your company but after committing to using uSource our ideal onboarding will take 14 days with continuous support afterwards.

Yes, you are in full control.

Inside of your uSource account there will be a monthly subscription total. If you want to see a pricing calculator before (Click here)

Book a demo and we can compare your current software and processes to what uSource could do for you. It never hurts to learn more, if you choose to use uSource our experts will guide you through the transition.

Our team will notify you before your trial ends to discuss next steps. You will also be able to see what the monthly subscription can look like after the trial inside of your account

Our team will notify you as new features and versions come out and do a seamless transition for you. This will not affect you.

Still have questions?

Feel free to email us at or book a call with us here
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