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Built by Industry Experts

Accessibility, Visibility and Control of Your Operations

uSource’s unique features will save you time and money. The system was built by service business entrepreneurs like you who understand the unique challenges of growing a facilities maintenance business

uSource Was Built For YOU.

Built By Industry Expert

Our Founder built his company from 1 janitor to a National Facility Maintenance Company. uSource was built for your growth.

Reporting That Matters

Our reporting module will cover a range of reports that are needed to make better strategic decisions and improve operations

Improved Operational Visbility

uSource was built with a design that gives access and visibility to every department. Always have the right information at the right time.


uSource is built for anyone with no prior experience to jump in and use with no struggle. From your Leadership team to your technicians.

Choose What You Pay

We're introduced a pay per user model, only pay what you need and have full control of your monthly subscription.

Cancel Anytime

We dont believe in Contracts. Simple. Our relationship will always be built on value.

uSource Web App

Operations Module

This unique capability enables your service teams to control that location’s activities and manage schedules, technicians, supplies, and equipment with the click of a button.

Sales Module

Everything you need to manage your sales pipeline and sign new contracts

Equipment Management

Know the condition and location of your Equipment.

uSource Mobile App

Employee Time Tracking

Simple to Use mobile application with Geo Fence and Auto Clock out.


Quality control is important. Create, and complete inspects on the go.

Support Tickets

Raise issues, request new services, or general support. Dont loose track of tickets anymore.

Meet Our Founder: Alexander Melgar

From Janitor to building a National Facility Maintenance company, and now consulting multiple facility maintenance companies in improving their strategy, leadership, and procedures.

I created uSource to provide other CEOs in the Facility Maintenance space with the tools I wish I had growing my business.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses is access to information, strategic decisions, and time allocation and we are here to improve the success rate of Facility Maintenance companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to book a demo call and one of our experts will answer any questions you have.

  1. Time allocation as a leader is a great indicator, if 50% of your time is spent data consolidating, chasing information or answering questions then you need a platform.

  2. Looking to grow and run off excel sheets, paper, and not having the technologies for your department.

Onboarding is customized to your company but after committing to using uSource our ideal onboarding will take 14 days with continuous support afterwards.

Yes, you are in full control.

Inside of your uSource account there will be a monthly subscription total. If you want to see a pricing calculator before (Click here)

Book a demo and we can compare your current software and processes to what uSource could do for you. It never hurts to learn more, if you choose to use uSource our experts will guide you through the transition.

Our team will notify you before your trial ends to discuss next steps. You will also be able to see what the monthly subscription can look like after the trial inside of your account

Our team will notify you as new features and versions come out and do a seamless transition for you. This will not affect you.

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